Wes Benedict 


for Willamson County Commissioner, Precinct 3

Wes Benedict for Williamson County Commissioner, Pct. 3

Election Day:  November  5, 2024.

Early voting: October 21 - November 1, 2024.

We can do better

The population of Williamson County is growing rapidly, and to some extent, that's a positive indicator. It's better to be in a place where people want to live than where everyone wants to leave. However, the concern arises when we start incentivizing people to move here.

Raise your hand if you're in favor of more traffic, overcrowded schools, increased flooding, and higher taxes to fund it all (thanks to the incumbents' policies). Unfortunately, the County Commissioners continue to support measures such as providing hundreds of millions in subsidies to attract large corporations to relocate or expand here, often at the expense of existing small, medium, and even large corporations.

I oppose this form of corporate welfare in Williamson County. I advocate for free markets and a level playing field for every business. Granting the county judge and commissioners the authority to selectively provide or deny millions of dollars in tax breaks is neither fair nor immune to corruption.

Politicians may tout the idea of bringing new businesses to Williamson County for job creation and tax base expansion. However, the reality is that supporting their plans rarely leads to lower taxes. Sometimes, the county commissioners claim to lower the tax rate, but this can be misleading as home valuations rise, causing actual tax payments to increase, often surpassing inflation rates.

Williamson County allocates a significant portion of its budget to salaries for Sheriff's deputies and other law enforcement-related expenses, including courts and jails. Additionally, a considerable amount goes towards interest on debt, with a smaller portion dedicated to roads and infrastructure.

I propose strategies to reduce law enforcement expenses while maintaining community safety. County Commissioners, akin to City Council members, oversee our county government rather than our cities. The Commissioners Court, consisting of four County Commissioners and a County Judge, determines tax and spending rates as well as other policies for Williamson County.

I hope to have your vote on Election Day, November 5, 2024.


Wes Benedict

How to make Williamson County better

Cut taxes and spending

Republicans control the County Commissioners Court yet your property tax bill keeps going up. I want to reduce tax rates enough so that the check you write for your property tax bill gets smaller even when property values go up.

End corporate welfare

I’m for free markets and a level playing field for all businesses. Instead, the incumbent supports subsidies and tax cuts for a few lucky corporations while making everybody else pay higher taxes. We shouldn’t raise your taxes to subsidize new businesses to move here. That’s unfair, plus it crowds our schools and roads.

Stop arresting marijuana users

Most of the Williamson County budget pays for the criminal justice system including Sheriff’s deputy salaries, courts, and jails. Let’s stop wasting resources going after marijuana users and instead focus on violent crimes and theft, and pass the savings on to taxpayers.

Wes Benedict has a mechanical engineering degree from UT Austin and an MBA and Masters in Manufacturing from the University of Michigan. Originally from Baton Rouge, he's lived and worked in manufacturing throughout the U.S. and overseas. 

Wes previously owned a countertop business in south Austin and served as Executive Director of the national Libertarian Party in Washington, DC. 

Wes lives with his wife and son in Williamson County in the Avery Ranch Neighborhood. He's a member of St. Philips United Methodist Church. 

Precinct 3

Williamson County Precinct 3 runs across the middle of the county including parts of Georgetown, Leader, Cedar Park, Round Rock, and Austin.  Click for high resolution map

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